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Wildland fire fighting operations and support, including Incident Management Teams (IMTs) and logistical support.

Structural fire fighting assistance and protection, including during wildland fire incidents.


BIA Fire (Mt. Tolman)
Okanogan Co. Fire Districts #2, 3, 5, and 8
CCT Fire and Rescue
Coulee Dam FD (City)
Omak Fire Department
Elmer City FD
Washington Department of Natural Resources (DNR)
Grand Coulee FD
National Interagency Fire Center (NIFC)


Wildland fire fighting within the reservation is the primary responsibility of the BIA Fire program at Mt. Tolman. In addition, Okanogan County Fire District 8 covers the southwest portion of the reservation (where fee land is concentrated) with wildland fire engines; it does not do structural fire protection other than perimeter protection from wildland fire.

The CCT Fire and Rescue is not a primary wildland fire responder within the reservation; however, it responds to wildland fires if Mt. Tolman is not operational, is depleted of resources, or cannot respond in a timely manner. The Tribal fire department can also invoke mutual aid agreements from other structural fire departments. In addition, the Paschal Sherman Indian School has contractual agreements for fire protection with Omak Fire Department.

The local fire agencies among those listed above are the ones most likely to be called for immediate assistance with a structural or wildland fire within the reservation; if the situation warrants, BIA could place resource orders through the national system as well.