Public Works and Engineering

Includes infrastructure protection and emergency repair, infrastructure restoration, engineering services, and emergency contracting support for life-saving services. Water and sewage systems come under this heading.

Includes demolition of unsafe structures and wreckage clearance.


Army Corps of Engineers (Tribal liaison)
CCT Environmental Trust
CCT Public Works
Ferry County Public Works
Okanogan County Public Health
Okanogan County Public Works
Tri-County Health District


A common need for this type of assistance is levee repair and protection in the face of an impending flood event, or during the event, including sandbagging. Along the Okanogan River, there is CCT infrastructure as well as homes located within areas susceptible to flooding.

In addition to the type of work needed to restore and reopen roads after damage from flood or landslide (under ESF-1), a larger public works and engineering challenge is to evaluate bridges for damage and repair or replace them.

Other infrastructure restoration and repair needs addressable through this ESF include repairs to well field pumps, water tanks, and water distribution systems, as well as repairs to sewage systems such as those at Nespelem or Inchelium.

The CCT could provide assistance to other jurisdictions that may need heavy equipment and qualified water system and primary sewage system operators.