The purpose of the Colville Confederated Tribes Parks & Recreation Plan” (P&RP) is to adequately plan for future recreational uses within the Colville Reservation that will not have negative impact on the natural environment. This plan will be the Parks & Recreation element of both the Integrated Resource Management Plan and the Tribes Comprehensive Plan. Priorities within this document are also important to the priorities that are within the Tribal Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy document. This P&RP will be a ten-year living document and can be amended annually if needed.

This P&RP is concerned specifically with recreation land use categories. Recreation may be defined as any activity pursued by an individual in which that individual seeks physical, mental, cultural, and or emotional replenishment. With this in mind, a recreational activity can occur just about anywhere.

Because it is critical that natural resources and wildlife is protected from negative impacts that can occur from recreational uses, this document has identified and planned future recreational opportunities that will not degrade these existing resources.