The Public Safety Division carries out the essential and honorable function of educating and protecting the Confederated Tribes of the Colville Indian Reservation.

Social Services

Marie James | Social Services Program Manager | (509) 634-2399 |

Social Services Overview:
Our Social Service Workers serve as tribal professional experts on matters relating to several social services areas, with an emphasis on various facets of social work pertaining to Indian children, the elderly, and families. Work with the office of Special Trust(OST) to facilitate payments for supervised account holders. Provides case management services for the social services program, including, but not limited to, assessing community social services, financial management, welfare finance services, referrals for medical/psychological services, housing needs, educational, job training, ect. ensuring and striving to maintain clientele independence and quality of life in a less a restrictive manner as possible.  They also assist the adult protection social work when needed.
Client Support:
The Social Services supports its clientele by:
Working directly with clients within the Social Services Program;
Providing consultations and guidance on social issues;
Providing referrals to health and human services professionals;
Contributing to public information;
Connecting with social service program with the community though collaboration with other resources and by working with the programs to incorporate a wide variety of services for clients;
Conducting research of other resources as needed;
The Social Services office may provide the following social services to eligible Indians whoreside in their service area.
-Adult Care Assistance
-Protective Services

Omak Social Workers:

Inchelium Social Worker:
Trudi Laramie                      

Nespelem APS Social Worker:
Debra Stanger                    

Administrative Assistance:
Michelle Everybodytalksabout


Program Manager:
Marie James