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Booking Date Name Age Sex Charge(s) Arresting Officer Release Date
John Doe john@example.com
Mary Moe mary@example.com
July Dooley july@example.com
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Booking Date Name Age Sex Charge(s) Arresting Officer Release Date
Colman, Jeremy P. 41 Male CDA Tribal Hold - DUI Elwell Table Cell

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Booking Date Name Age Sex Charge(s) Arresting Officer Release Date
0015 13-Sep-2016 Wilson, Phillip M. 49 Male Tribal Warrants (X2) - FTA/FTC - Vehicular Assault, Refusing to Aid an Officer, Physical Control Mason
2100 12-Sep-2016 Pakootas, Ryan R. 19 Female Stevens County Warrant - DWLS 2nd Schumacher
1915 8-Sep-2016 Yallup, Tiffany L. 28 Female Tribal Warrants X2 - Battery DV X2 Lauseng
2315 7-Sep-2016 Swan, Mark J. 35 Male New Charge: DWLS 1st
Grant County WArrant - DUI, DWLS 2nd
Schumacher 1-Oct-2016
2300 28-Aug-2016 Dick, Melissa S. 39 Female Tribal Warrant - Battery Zacherle-Boyd 8-Nov-2016
2000 23-Aug-2016 Cate, Kyle S. 24 Male Tribal Warrants (x2) - Battery DV, Battery, Assault Watkins
0300 20-Aug-2016 Everybodytalksabout, Tyson R. 26 Male Theft
Grant County-DUI, DWLS 3rd Degree, No Valid Oper License W/Out Ident, Oper. Veh. w/out Ignition Interlock.
Okanogan County-DUI
1015 19-Aug-2016 Moses, Sandra R. 29 Male Tribal Warrant- Theft, Prohibited Acts-Possession BigBoyGribble
1230 17-Aug-2016 Teeman Jr., Lonnie P. 35 Male CDA Tribal Hold- Public Drunkenness, Resisting and Obstructing Officers (x2) Warren 29-Sep-2016
0830 16-Aug-2016 Baker, Anthony K. 28 Male Tribal Warrant - Delivery (Heroin)
Okanogan County Warrant - Robbery 2nd 
Big Boy Gribble
0330 16-Aug-2016 St. Peter, Jordan M. 24 Female Tribal Warrant - Battery DV
Okanogan County Warrant - DUI
1230 16-Aug-2016 Vallee, Rose S. 34 Female Tribal Warrant - Theft (x2), Harassment, Battery-DV BigBoyGribble 7-Jan-2017
2000 12-Aug-2016 Walker Jr., James C. 48 Male Tribal Warrant - Physical Control, Driving While License Suspended or Revoked Knutson
1145 11-Aug-2016 Carson, Willard A. 50 Male Tribal Warrant- Probation Violation Mason
2145 8-Aug-2016 Springer, Patrick R. 26 Male Receiving Stolen Property, Prohibited Acts (Paraphernalia)  Gillaspy
0100 3-Aug-2016 Fry, Lynda D. 31 Female Burglary (x2), Strangulation Knutson
1300 1-Aug-2016 Picard, Andre P. 60 Male Tribal Warrant - Battery DV, Reckless Endangerment DV Oneal
1245 29-Jul-2016 Stensgar Jr. Michael J. 30 Male Reckless Endangerment
WA DOC Warrant- Assault 2
Okanogan County Warrant (x3)- Failure to Comply (x2), Failure to Appear
T. Marchand
0730 27-Jul-2016 Campbell, Sundown S. 39 Female Violation Conditions of Release Carden
0945 26-Jul-2016 Carson, Jacquelyn J. 46 Female Tribal Warrant (x2) - DUI, Endangering Welfare of Child Gillaspy
2300 23-Jul-2016 Swan, Angel L. 25 Female Tribal Warrants (x4) - DOLCO (x2), Battery DV (x2), Driving Under Influence Gillaspy
2315 23-Jul-2016 Monaghan, Christopher J. 52 Male Drving Under the Influence Lauseng
2345 1-Jul-2016 Cleparty, Alvie D. 64 Male Trespass Building, Malicious Mischief, Negligent Driving Butz
1800 22-Jun-2016 Stensgar, Daniqua J. 25 Female Tribal Warrants (X2) Unauthorized use of Vehicle, Escape M. Parks
1000 21-Jun-2016 McDonald Jr., Garry J. 41 Male Tribal Warrant- Malicious Mischief DV 
Okanogan County Warrant (X3)- DWLS 3rd Degree, Oper Veh W/out Ignition Interlock, DUI (X2)
Carden 20-Dec-2016
1745 17-Jun-2016 Ankney, Patricia L. 49 Female Tribal Warrant - DUI, Prohibited Acts (Possession), DWLS/R, Physical Control
Lincoln County Warrant - DUI
Holsworth 17-Sep-2016
1915 28-May-2016 Pachosa, Brandon J. 21 Male Escape, Theft DV
Tribal Warrant- Escape
2330 25-May-2016 Parisian Jr., Robert J. 21 Male Tribal Warrant- (X2) Prohibited Acts (Drug Paraphernalia), DWLS/R, Burglary, Reckless Endangerment, Assault W. Bob 22-Sep-2016
1700 14-Apr-2016 St. Peter, Bryan J. 19 Male Tribal Warrant – Obstructing Justice, Resisting Arrest or Process, Battery, Malicious Mischief, Intimidation of a Public Officer Clark 15-Oct-2016
1200 7-Apr-2016 Chapa, Joshua M. 25 Male Tribal Warrant – Prohibited Acts (Delivery of Heroin X3) Allen 8-Oct-2016
1730 31-Dec-2015 McKay, Jesse 40 Male Tribal Warrant (X2) DUI, Prohibited Acts (Possession)( X3), DUI, Vehicular Assault (X3), Prohibited Acts (Possession Meth) Marconi 20-Nov-2016
1530 4-Nov-2015 Antoine, Leonard C. 61 Male Indecent Liberties DV  LaBounty 29-Oct-2016
0600 4-Oct-2015 Martinez, John P. 42 Male Battery DV (X2) Oyler 28-Sep-2016

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