Includes aviation/airspace management, transportation safety, and restoration and recovery of infrastructure including roads.


Army Corps of Engineers (liaison)
BIA Roads
CCT Department of Transportation
Ferry County Public Works
Okanagan County Public Works
Washington Dept. of Transportation


The primary need for aviation/airspace management would occur if sightseeing or news organization aircraft interfere with disaster relief operations. This need can also be addressed through a request for an emergency airspace closure, as is sometimes required for wildland fire operations.

The CCT does not possess, or is not reliant upon, many of the types of infrastructure anticipated within this ESF. There are no petroleum pipelines, and the only rail operation is not relevant to the CCT’s needs.

The primary need for assistance by the CCT would be repairing road and bridge damage of the type that occurs during a flood, major landslide, or earthquake. Needs could include:

  • Professional engineering assistance, which might be needed to assess/address slope stability while clearing landslides or reopening roads.
  • Road or bridge repair materials, such as large quantities of gravel for use as a road base during temporary repairs.
  • Specialized equipment needed for emergency repairs, such as a portable screening plant or additional heavy equipment not available to the CCT.

The CCT, and its business arm (the Colville Federal Corporation), each have a stock of heavy equipment. These could be provided to nearby jurisdictions to repair levees, road embankments, bridge abutments, etc. The CCT may be in a position to assist other jurisdictions if they have an emergency need for heavy equipment.